Weed Control

Woodgrow's weed control experience extends over 30 years, including amenity areas, schools, car parks, non-crop industrial situations and commercial plantings.

We use the latest herbicides and equipment, including hydraulic sprayers, ultra-low volume applicators and stem injectors. We do our utmost to limit our impact on the wider environment by using low-toxicity, and non-persistent herbicides where possible.

In line with current legislation and the 'Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH)', we always undertake COSHH Assessments prior to applying any herbicides. Any findings are always reported back to the client.

If you would like advice, or a site visit to assess your requirements please call 01332 517600.

Nomix Applicators


The Classic combines the latest technology in low volume herbicide application technology, with Nomix Total Droplet control herbicides, to control weeds simply, safely, effectively and quickly.

The Compact is a lightweight, easy to use handheld low volume herbicide applicator. The herbicide cartridge is connected to the end of the lance, so there is no need for a backpack. The Frontline Compact can be used in a range of situations including; pavements, parks, landscaped areas, sports grounds and industrial areas.

Click here for Nomix Frontline Compact brochure

Nomix Herbicides

compactDual is the first new residual total droplet control herbicide with approval for use in the amenity sector. Dual is a low volume herbicide for use with the Nomix Total Droplet Control range of applicators.

Hilite is a highly advanced oil based Glyphosate formulation, which is quickly absorbed through the leaves, where it travels through the weed to the root system, killing the entire weed, from leaf to root.

Conqueror is a low volume herbicide to be used with the range of Nomix total droplet control herbicide applicators and can be used in a variety of situations including; aquatic, amenity, horticultural, forestry and industrial. It is used to control established annuals, deep rooted perennials, aquatic weeds, broad leaved weeds, small annual weeds and light vegetation.

If you would like more information please call Woodgrow on 01332 517600 or call in and see the Nomix range for yourself.

Please note: These products are NOT for use by the general public. All potential buyers of these products must be professional users and have successfully completed an appropriate training course and been awarded a Certificate of Competence.