Herbicide Applicators

Woodgrow are proud to introduce the Nomix range of low-volume herbicide applicators and oil emulsion herbicides. Nomix Total Droplet Control (TDC) combines state-of-the-art applicators, with specially formulated low volume herbicides, to provide a safer, more efficient weed control solution.

Nomix TDC herbicides are ready to use, removing the need for mixing and measuring. This eliminates operator exposure and the risk of spillages or illegal chemical mixes.

The oil emulsion herbicide formulations stick to the leaf and quickly penetrate the waxy surface, making them highly effective. Nomix TDC delivers targeted applications and virtually eliminates spray drift, droplet bounce and run-off, which significantly reduces wastage.

Nomix TDC produces up to 20 times less drift than conventional spraying methods. No breathable droplets and low volume formulations make Nomix TDC safer for the operator, bystanders, animals and the environment.

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