Native hedgerow planting.

Posted by Martin Woodhouse on 20 November 2014 | Comments

Hedgerows are nature’s wildlife highway and a haven for nesting birds, and now is the best time to plant a new hedgerow. At this time of year bare-rooted plants are available and good value. Hawthorn plants for example at 40-60cm can be bought for less than 30p each.

Native hedgerows should consist of at least 5 different species, 75% of which should be thorny if the hedgerow is to enclose animals.

Suitable varieties include: Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Hazel, Guelder Rose, Field Maple, Wild Rose, Spindle, Holly & Wild Privet.

When planting a new hedge its best to plant a staggered double row at 30cm apart. This equates to 7 plants per linear metre. A double row ensures the hedge will be nicely filled out at the bottom.